MaXimus is an automated information-analytical system for managing the medical-diagnostic and business processes of a medical organization, regardless of its form of ownership, scale and specialization.

MaXimus creates an environment that combines actuators and information flows while maintaining all the processes of traditional treatment.
What is MaXimus?
MaXimus's capacities
A systematic approach to managing a medical organization
A holistic view of the structure of interacting elements united by a common goal.

MaXimus is a large, complex system for managing the diagnostic and treatment process, including many interconnected elements, and acting in the interests of participants in this process.

All elements in MaXimus are considered as aggregated sets of parameters connected by cause-and-effect relationships: parameters of the condition of patients, procedures, equipment, economic indicators, criteria for assessing the quality of treatment, work of the staff and the clinic as a whole. The system collects, structures and analyzes data, providing their streaming in real time to the destination, depending on the tasks.
Integrated Electronic Health Record
The core of the MaXimus system, an active repository of all data on the patient's medical history, is a source of relevant information for participants in the diagnostic and treatment process.

The electronic patient history in the On-Line mode is replenished with information that contains status data, diagnoses and prescribed appointments, results of physical, laboratory and instrumental studies, therapeutic and other influences, parameters of the patient's state in dynamics, etc.
Automatic data collection
Diagnostic equipment is connected to MaXimus. In online mode, the system captures its output parameters: data on the patient's research, the course of treatment and the technical condition of medical devices. The system records the alarms of the device, issues various warnings and signals about possible malfunctions and emergencies.

All telemetry data is formalized, which allows to track them not only in the background, but in a historical perspective.
Compliance with the quality criteria
The system includes regulatory orders and clinical recommendations that define quality criteria and targets.
Diagnostic machine
An expert system that works in dialogue with a doctor, the chief manager of the medical process, making clinical decisions.

The Decision Support System develops informational and analytical references and tips, presumptive diagnoses and clinical protocols (treatment programs), including recommendations for actions and additional studies.
Monitoring process execution online
The effectiveness of the diagnostic and treatment process is evaluated both by the quality and result of treatment, and by its cost. To do this, MaXimus provides management capabilities both in terms of medical and technological, as well as economic indicators and criteria.

Monitoring the implementation of medical and business processes is carried out online by monitoring the achievement of targets. The user receives information about the errors promptly and regardless of their location: on MaXimus widgets, as well as through available communication channels (email, sms, Telegram, Viber).

The goals and evaluation criteria are scaled and related to business processes of the corresponding level of detail. For example, activities and management at the level of a medical company, the performance of a regional department and the quality of patient care, the volume and quality of work of each medical worker and the quality of treatment for each individual patient, the health of equipment, etc.

Different levels of control and timely changes to the work fundamentally improve both individual processes and the system as a whole. Thus, access to relevant data online reduces the time spent on finding solutions to the problem and significantly increases the accuracy of diagnostics, which often plays a decisive role in saving a person's life.
Clinical and financial analytics in a unified information environment
It's pointless to engage in promoting the organization, investing in marketing, attracting well-known doctors and buying expensive equipment if you don't keep track of what the money and time spent bring in the end.

The system helps managers to conduct a multifaceted assessment of the performance of a medical organization based on systematic information and management reporting, which Power BI generates based on MaXimus data not only once a year, but constantly.

Sorting analytical data by roles, conditions, actions, results of business process execution at all levels of the organization allows us to trace possible cause-effect relationships and see the general picture of what is happening.

Visual emphasis on data and relationships will reorient the time and intellectual costs of the manager from studying the data to analysis and decision making.
Telecommunication technology
Remote control and management of medical and business processes from anywhere in the world: Online access to system data, quick connection to any personnel, patient, equipment, viewing data in graphic and video modes, video surveillance.

Video communication with the patient and any participant in the diagnostic and treatment process, the creation of working groups for remote problem solving.

Remote treatment and diagnostic assistance to the patient with access to the person's active electronic medical file.

Prompt delivery of information to the destination for decision-making.

Creation of a virtual integrated medical institution that does not depend on the distance of distributed units.
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
Based on the collected data, statistics of the medical diagnostic process are generated.

Processing of statistical data makes it possible to identify the patterns of the treatment and diagnostic process, to form diagnostic patterns and effective treatment methods, to identify trends in the development of morbidity, financing of treatment in the regions, to propose new criteria for assessing the quality of treatment, the work of staff and clinics in general.
System flexibility
MaXimus is easily updated and expanded to meet the demands of a changing healthcare business landscape.

MaXimus is designed to scale to any field of medicine with the possibility of application in the company of any orientation.
MaXimus modules
MaXimus consists of 10 modules: applications and services, each of them solves specific problems and can work independently. Depending on the specifics and needs of a particular medical institution, a configuration of the required number of modules is possible.
Who needs MaXimus and why?
  • On-line control and analytics for making strategic decisions based on accurate and structured data.
  • Protection and security of information.

  • Exemption from non-core operation.
  • Assistance in making a diagnosis and choosing a treatment program.
  • Access to structured health information.
  • Exemption from routine work.
  • Quick access to prescriptions of a doctor and senior staff.
  • Video communication with participants in the treatment process and patients.
  • An integrated approach to the provision of medical care.
  • Timely and accurate diagnosis.
  • Quality and affordable services.
  • Quick and comfortable recovery.
Orderliness and transparency of information flows.
Increasing the quality of medical services.
Sustainable development and competitiveness of a medical organization.
Reduced costs and increased profitability of the medical company.
Motivation of participants in the diagnostic and treatment process.
Benefits of deploying MaXimus
MaXimus Deployment Map